Allow Me To Introduce Myself...

Hello, my name is Ben ECHO, I am the author of this website and the creator of Awesome Spreadsheets, the all-in-one bookkeeping, estimating and management spreadsheet.

I have worked with spreadsheets and database software for many years of my career as a certified electronic technologist (CET). I also have many years of practical experience as an entrepreneur and small business owner running a few businesses mostly in residential real estate and construction management.

The truth is, if you want to become a successful business owner you need to have a good understanding in 5 key areas of your business (i.e administration, legal, finance, marketing and operations). I have always excelled at the operational aspects of my businesses but struggled putting the financial pieces together. Awesome Spreadsheets was born out of my journey to become more proficient at bookkeeping and basic accounting.


Even if you decide to hire a bookkeeper or an accountant, as the business owner it is still your responsibility to ensure that your business finances are in order and compliant with government tax agencies such as the CRA in Canada, the IRS in the United States and HMRC in the United Kingdom.


Awesome Spreadsheets is designed to make life easier for small business owners, builders, contractors and much more. No complicated software to learn or monthly subscription fees. Awesome Spreadsheets is straightforward and simple to use even if you don’t have an accounting background.


Thank you for stopping by the website and I hope Awesome Spreadsheets can be a part of your journey to becoming an expert at bookkeeping and accounting.

Let’s make sheet happen!


— Ben


If you are an absolute beginner like I was and don’t know where to start, open up YouTube and search for a guy named “CPA Strength”. This was literally where I started… DC ADE LER 😂

Are you frustrated with your business finances?

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